Porcelain “Profi”


Porcelain Profi was designed considering all requests and requirements of dental technicians. Before the Austrian company began to manufacture ceramics specifically for Anis-Dent company, we conducted a research that showed us which characteristics of the material are important for dental technicians. We set a clear goal to our partners and got a porcelain, which greatly matches the shade, is easy in work, and according to reviews of  dental technicians it stands 5 and even 10 firings without loss of color and dulling. It was also important for us to get an inexpensive material, because we want  our customers to earn more.

Today hundreds of laboratories and thousands of dental technicians across the Russia and some other countries choose porcelain Profi. We are very interested in the constant growth of professionalism and development of skills of dental technicians and therefore constantly organize training courses and workshops in Russia and abroad.