Easy to work with
The team of dental technicians in Ultra lab, St. Petersburg, Russia

“We work with Anis teeth, because they are easy to work with. Good teeth: we like the shape of teeth, anatomic acrylic layering  and, most importantly, they comply with A1-D4 coloring.

In addition, the distributor in our city ensures that all colors and sizes are always available.”

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Phone: +7 (812) 377-00-17

Anis teeth have beautiful forms
Svetlana Belyaeva
Dental technician in Sadko lab, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

"In our laboratory, we use Anis teeth, because we like beautiful European forms and they perfectly suit our people.”

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Phone: +7 (831) 422-50-30

Made in Russia, meet all the international standards
Dmitry Nikitin
The owner of Dental Lab, Izhevsk, Russia

“I was pleasantly surprised when I learned that high-quality artificial teeth are produced in Russia. Manufacturing of dental materials is always high-tech process. We’ve been using Anis teeth in my lab for many years and know that teeth meet all the essential quality standarts.”

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Phone: +7 (341) 291-26-47

Have excellent physical properties
Vladimir Tikhonin
Senior Dental Technician of City Dental Clinic, Angarsk, Russia

“Our laboratory has been using Anis teeth for about 5 years. During this time we have learned them well enough. Teeth are  resistant to abrasion, have a great bond to the denture base, resistant to whitening and  match the Vita Shade Guide A1-D4.

And they are just easy to work with.”

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Phone: +7 (3955) 95-21-80

Anis teeth are exported to many countries including EU
Alexey Pugovkin
The owner of Dental Studios Lab, Ekaterinburg, Russia

“I know that the artificial teeth Anis have CE Certification. This means that the products are authorized for use in the EU.  Anis teeth are in great demand not only in Russia, but also in Poland, Greece, Cyprus, Germany, Bulgaria and other countries. It gives us more confidence in our choice.”

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Phone: +7 (343) 342-02-22

We choose the Anis teeth basing on our experience
Maxim Merkulov
Co-owner of Training Center for dental technicians and owner of Creative Lab Dental laboratory, Moscow, Russia

“We are collaborating with Anis Dent for more than 10 years. Our laboratory is not only work with  Profi porcelain  and the Anis teeth, but also runs courses and workshops in our modern training center Creative where we share our knowledge of technology with dental technicians. Over the years we learned everything about Anis-Dent products and are certain in our choice”.

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Phone: +7 (495) 922-07-35

Perfect value for money
Alexandros Kroustis
Technident Lab, Greece

Due to the current situation in Greece, we became more selective in what we buy and with what we work. We want to clearly understand what we pay money for. And when we face a question of dental materials’ purchase we buy the products of the highest quality at the best price. We found this perfect balance of price and quality in the Anis teeth.”

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Phone: +30 210-42.57.504

We choose the Anis teeth, because they are always in stock.
Savvas Savva
Co-owner of М&S Hi Dent company, Cyprus

“As a dental technician, I realize how important it is to always have available products that you use. We get teeth Anis within a week after sending the order, including all the customs procedures in Russia and Cyprus. Correct warehouse management and logistics are a very important part on the dental market. We like to work with a partner who understands that.”

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Phone: +357 251 039 96