Artificial teeth Anis

We are pleased to announce that the Anis range of Artificial Teeth have been manufactured in Russia since 2008. Our production follows strict quality control procedures and management systems that  conform to ISO 13485 and our product is CE marked.

Anis Artificial Teeth have been tested by the Nordic Institute of Dental Materials who are one of the world’s leading laboratories, there tests have shown that our products comply with the international quality standard ISO 22112:2005 – Dentistry: Artificial teeth for prostheses.

During the test the teeth were subjected to thermal, mechanical and chemical influences. Anis teeth bond excellently to denture base, are resistant to blanching, distortion and crazing. The teeth are colour stable and match the Vita shade guide A1-D4.

Studies by several Dental Universities indicate that  Anis teeth have excellent fraction and wear resistance.

Consistent quality since 2008! Made in Russia, approved by Norwegian and German experts!